📢 Exciting News! Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council (KTC) Acquires Prominent Commercial Office Building in Edmonton!

🌟 We are thrilled to announce that KTC has successfully acquired a remarkable commercial office building in Edmonton! This strategic acquisition represents a significant milestone for us, symbolizing our commitment to collaboration, economic growth, and cultural preservation.

🏢 The building, located at 10451 – 170 St., Edmonton, offers easy accessibility and a strong presence for KTC in the province’s capital. It will serve as a dynamic hub, fostering strategic alliances and strengthening relationships with our member nations, partners, and organizations.

✨ We envision this space as a catalyst for synergy, transformative opportunities, and economic development. It will facilitate collaborative meetings, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Moreover, it will reflect the enduring legacy of our member nations and showcase our rich history and collective strength.

📰 To learn more about this exciting acquisition, read our press release: https://keetaskeenow.ca/…/upl…/2023/07/Press-Release.pdf

We are grateful for the support of our Indigenous family and partners as we embark on this remarkable journey towards empowerment and community enrichment.

Click image below to download a copy of the press release!!!