Kee Tas Kee Now Tribal Council

Technical Services

Technical Services provide technical and engineering advisory services and program support to the KTC member Nations in the implementation, operation and maintenance of capital infrastructure assets and facilities.



What We Do

Work with member Nations to implement all capital infrastructure projects funded by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) in the following:


  • Planning
  • Procurement of professional and contracting services
  • Budgeting and funding application
  • Quality control and oversight
  • Project management services


  • Provide professional and technical advice
  • Provide technical assistance in the operation and maintenance of capital assets
  • Liaise with ISC and other government agencies


  • Housing Plan
  • Housing Policy
  • Community Development Plan
  • Infrastructure Capital Plan
  • Asset Management Plan

Technical Contacts

Contact either the KTC Technical & Emergency Services Director: Jason Wigton
at 780 767 3285 or Fax: 780 767 2447 Email:

the Public Works Contact for the Member Nation listed below.

Peerless Trout First Nation

Jason Wigton


Office: 780-649-4304

Fax: 780 649 3873

Whitefish Lake First Nation

Wesley Grey


Office: 1 866 900 0378

Woodland Cree First Nation

William Whitehead


Office: 780 629 3803

Fax: 780 629 3898

Loon River First Nations

Damian Rhoades


Office: 780 649 3883

Fax: 780 649 3873

Lubicon Lake Band

Terry Laboucan


Office: 780 629 2356